Clare Rosen is a painter and mixed media artist. She grew up in Evanston, Illinois, but now lives and works in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in a cordwood house she designed and built with her husband. Subsequent to a career in graphic design, she currently focuses on her lifelong interest in art.

She paints in acrylics, often layered with cut paper and collaged elements. Her favorite subjects are the landscape she inhabits, trees and flowers, and her favorite birds and animals. Ravens, crows, birds and cats often serve as “main characters” which call to the viewer and pique their curiosity. She contrasts bold graphic shapes with textured surfaces and hints of decorative papers and ephemera peeking through.

“Whether I take a landscape or a tiny songbird or flowers in bloom as my starting point, I am interested in creating compositions that contrast stillness and serenity with tension, that suggest something is just outside the edge of the painting, waiting to happen.”